Saving Young Lives

Created by Maryon one year ago
I met James just after my 21-year-old daughter passed away.  She was a medical student, who after an awards dinner was given a legal high by a friend who thought it was safe. James and I were introduced by the Crime Correspondent of the Telegraph who came with us when we were hidden from the press in a hotel for four days and nights following Hester's tragic death. James was working in the Home Office at the time.  He appointed himself as our researcher within the House and soon became a close ally and friend.  He helped us organise meetings with Ministers and even engineered meetings with the Prime Minister and several of his Ministers, all in the same room.  I didn't realise what a coup that was at the time as he did it so seemlesly.  It was because of James's dedication to the cause, and the wisdom he shared with our Advisory Board, that the Angelus Foundation had so much success introducing the New Psychoactive Substance Bill, saving countless young lives and keeping many families whole. One of the Prime Ministers Special Advisors said it was the campaign of the decade. I will forever be indebted to him for being my guardian angel and a time when I was so inexperienced in this area and so emotionally vulnerable. I miss him a great deal.  I strongly suspect that the UK would be in much better shape if he had survived.  My heart goes out to Kathy and his children.  We will never know why the best people are taken far too early. We are all much richer for knowing James Brokenshire. May his dear soul rest in peace. 🙏🏻