Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit

Created by Paul one year ago
I was the police team leader of the above Police Unit from 2020-2012, when James was Minister for Security. 
The Unit was funded by the banking sector to combat payment card fraud and consequently drew interest from Government.   
James visited the team and when he arrived we presented him with a “credit card” the team had made with his name on it - thats how easy it was.  I remember James just sitting there staring at the card, open mouthed, shortly followed with a wry grin across his face! He made such an effort with the team, his genuine interest and ability to really listen shone through. 
In 2012 I shared a platform with James in Parliament at the 10 year anniversary of the Unit, where his humour warmed the room, as he fondly recalled his “new” credit card.  
Great memories.  RIP.