Hannah October 31st, 2021

I live in Bexley and fought to save the life of my loved one when the authorities kept mis-diagnosing a chronic and debilitating mental health disorder. James Brokenshire supported us for close to a year, advocating in writing on our behalf. His support was unwavering and he engaged with our cause willingly and provoked the NHS to take action when it was most necessary. I'm not sure whether my loved one would be alive without his aid. In memory of The Right Honorable James Brokenshire MP, I will write an article eventually, when the matters at hand are handed over to the judiciary systems, making clear this mans role. He supported the exposing of chronic and institutionalised failures. Although the NHS works for some of us, there are times when the individuals who make up the system need to be held accountable, and James Brokenshire certainly aided in that act of support, even whilst ill, which to our family makes him the hero we called on in our time of need. We are eternally grateful and wish James peace now. We send our sympathies to the family too.