Special Friend

Created by Colette one year ago
I first met James, Cathy & Jonny and a few others on an Epping Forest Young Conservatives social night out in London in 1991.  I had a great time and really liked meeting this new group of people.  Not long after Jonny and I started going out and so did James & Cathy.  I have happy memories of good times spent together – every New Year’s Eve (bar two) - Clay pigeon shooting in Bristol, the punch-up at a restaurant in South Woodford were a few memorable ones!  The best memory of James that makes me laugh aloud was one Friday evening in 2001.  Cathy came to us to stay the night because James was going to a meeting.  We had got stuck into homemade cocktails and the phone rang and it was James saying he was stuck in his car in the garage – the electrics had gone.  I am afraid to say we were absolutely no help whatsoever to James – we were too busy wetting ourselves with laughter, picturing James in his sports car in the garage with no electrics.  Thankfully his father came to his rescue!  James reminded us quite recently about our unhelpfulness but with good humour.
James was a lovely, warm, friendly, mischievous, kind, humble, interesting, interested special friend.  He would rather talk about how you were and what was happening in our lives.  He was very thoughtful and always made the effort to keep in touch and meet up, even when he was incredibly busy.  He dropped into my 40th birthday drinks at home, straight from work with his official red briefcase, which Michelle wanted a selfie with! 
James, Jonny and I loved teasing Cathy about getting a pet – in particular a dog.  He used to send dancing dog emojies to our group chat.  He loved his family and was devoted to Cathy (as was Cathy to James). He adored and was so proud of Sophie, Jemma & Ben.
I can’t believe someone so vibrant is no longer with us.  James will be sorely missed by a great many people.  Who is going to rescue Jonny from all his scrapes?! Rest in peace – you have achieved more in your short lifetime than many in a full lifetime.  We will always look out for Cathy, Sophie, Jemma & Ben.