Meeting my MP

Created by George one year ago
I once met James whilst i was in secodary school, he was one of the kindest and most thoughtful people i have ecer met and to be able to say this after an hour in his company i think says a lot. I was interviewing him as an extra-curricular school activitity around my politivs A-Level. James was amazing to hear from and so articulate on all subject matter. Hearing the bews of his pssing hit me hard and i felt he was one of the only genuine people in parliament. Whilst interviewing him, he had something come up regarding his ministerial role at the time, without hesitation he said that unless it is a life or death situation he would deal woth it later and dismissed this issue in order to deal woth his constituent, i can honestly say i learnt a lot about how to deal with people from this instance and i am so sad that he is now gone. 
RIP James