Natalie October 14th, 2021

As a Civil Servant in the Home Office it may seem a bit strange to some people just how upsetting it was when the announcement came that 'JB' was ill and how devastating it was to hear of his passing but I think that is a sign of just how well respected and liked he was. Whenever there was a hint of a reshuffle many of us would say how we would love the new Home Secretary to be JB and I'm so saddened that I will never serve under his leadership like when he was Immigration Minister. On a more personal level my eldest son was in the same class as Cathy and James' youngest daughter so it was always lovely to see them both at school events at times when I knew just how busy he was because of an issue that was bubbling in the department. This is something that stayed with me because it showed if a Government Minister was able to leave the office for sports day or art display then so could I and is a message I make sure to share with my staff. To all of James' family and loved ones, my heart aches for the you as I can not imagine the pain you are going through. Please take comfort in the knowledge of how much James has touched the lives of so many and you have the love and best wishes of an army of people. RIP James Brokenshire - a thoroughly decent human being!