Gillian October 11th, 2021

I had the privilege to welcome James Brokenshire to the Home Office when he became a Minister in 2010. He was warmly regarded by all the civil servants who worked with him as hard-working, incisive and tenacious. Above all he was thoroughly kind and decent, making time for people regardless of rank or status. Two specific memories spring to mind. When James visited the immigration offices in Glasgow we happened to bump into one of the office cleaners. Where other Ministers might have swept by, James took the trouble to stop and introduce himself and to thank her for everything she did. As you can imagine this made a huge impression on her and in fact it was the only time I saw her lost for words! On another occasion I was in the Home Office HQ with a civil servant colleague who was visiting the main office for the first time. Again we bumped into Minister Brokenshire who took the trouble to stop and chat. That colleague texted me on Friday when news of his death became public to say that she would never forget his kindness in taking the time to chat to her 'even though he must have had a million and one other things to do'. These are just a couple of small examples of how James made a positive impact on others - to add to the numerous examples and tributes I have read elsewhere. My sincere condolences to James' family and friends. Gillian