Nyree October 10th, 2021

I have known James for many years through his closest childhood friend. It was one of those friendships where meet ups are by parties and milestones in your mutual friends lives. So I continued to see he and Cathy and then the children through all of our lives. He was one of those people who was constant, never changing, always friendly and engaging. We talked about losses we'd experienced over the years but I never thought I'd be talking about his loss so prematurely. He like me was a lawyer and one memory I do have of him is when I was at Bar school, so about 27 years ago, I was really struggling with an assignment and I called him, knowing he would be the right person to ask, so thoughtful and analytical. He was at work, but was generous enough to help and advise me. He always seemed to make time for everyone. Dear Cathy, he is an inspiration, as are you with all you have dealt with during his illness. ❤ much love Nyree xx