Andrew October 9th, 2021

I did not know James Brokenshire very well at all, we were not friends on a personal level. But I have two abiding memories. 1. In 2018 I was the Bexley Local Government Agent which included his Old Bexley & Sidcup constituency. One of the first major campaign days was a week or so after he had left hospital. Clearly exhausted after major surgery and in pain, he turned up to thank people for coming and to apologise that he was not yet well enough to join in. 2. After his relapse I posted good wishes on Twitter along with 100s of others. Two days later I received a personal email thanking me for my kind words. But this wasn't a cut and paste reply, he recalled a joke from the first time we met and asked about the wellbeing of a mutual friend. In a world of sharp elbows and big egos, these randon acts of kindness are too rare and should be cherished. My thoughts are with Cathy and their children. May he rest in peace +