Graeme October 9th, 2021

I've known James all my adult life, since we were both in our late teens - he was my oldest friend. With busy lives, we've often gone for months without our paths crossing, but they always did, and whenever we got a chance to catch-up, it was like no time had passed. In many ways we grew up together, and he's been a constant in my life. We have lots of very happy, amazing and fun filled memories, which Dhiren & I will treasure. As these pages show, he was a rather special individual (though we all know he would have laughed and never accepted that for a moment) and we were all very lucky to have him in our lives. But this will make our loss even harder. We're so devastated for Cathy and the children, and are sending all our love and support to you all, now and forward into the future. I'm just so sad he won't be physically present in any of our lives any longer, but will always be here with us one way or another. Dhiren & Graeme xx