Vee October 9th, 2021

It is rare to weep at the loss of a politician. Three stand out - John Smith, then Labour Leader, May 1994, Robin Cook, in Aug 1995 and Donald Dewar in October 2000. What made them stand out? For the most part, their integrity and their respect for the ordinary people. Thus it was that I was both saddened and shocked at the passing of The Rt Hon James Brokenshire at the age of 53. I never met him or any of the others, but his integrity shone like a beacon. The tributes from all sectors of politics attest to this fact. In a world where integrity has taken a Sabbatical, Mr Brokenshire shone like a beacon. Thank you for not taking the ordinary man and woman in the street for fools. I hope those currently serving on all sides will look on and learn. Sincere condolences to the Brokenshire family. His memory and his legacy will live on. To Mrs Brokenshire, may God grant you serenity, strength and peace. Praying for you all. Every blessing. Angella